Easy Ways to Organize Your Whole House

Easy Ways to Organize Your Whole House

Everyone enjoys coming home to a clean house, where everything is neat and in its place.
However, you may feel like clutter and mess are inevitable, especially if you have children, pets, or a hobby that takes up a lot of space. Lack of time, holding onto sentimental items, and not knowing where to start are the typical reasons that hold people back from organizing their homes.

An organized house has a variety of health benefits, including improved mood and less chance of depression, increased productivity, higher levels of physical activity, better focus and even a better night’s sleep! With an organized home, not only will your home feel better–you will too.

Whether you have excess of items keeping you from an organized home, or just struggle to keep everything neat, here are some easy tips to help you organize your whole house and keep to it that way.

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Start Small

For those unsure of where to start organizing or how to begin to tackle the mess, start with one small space to give yourself the motivation to do more. Choose one area of your home to begin organizing. The space you select can be as large as a single room or as small as a drawer in the kitchen, whatever is easiest for you. Remove items from the space–such as taking everything out of a drawer or removing cluttered books on a bookshelf. Sort through everything to determine which items should be returned to the space and which items belong elsewhere, then neatly return them in a way that gives each things space of its own.

Another useful method for those who struggle with a messy home is to set a timer for 5 minutes and spend that time cleaning and organizing one specific area. More often than not, you’ll be so pleased and motivated with what you have accomplished in such a short time, that you will continue organizing. There are so many different ways to organize, and the best way is often highly personal.

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Use Simple Tricks

The organizing process might be difficult if you are not naturally neat, but there are plenty of online tutorials, tips, and tricks to help you out.

  • For example, organize books by author’s last name, subject, or even color. Think of your bookshelf as a game of Tetris, with every object demanding space of its own.
  • When it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories you may wish to organize by item type, occasion, frequency of use, or even color.
  • For those that struggle with going through clothes (which is a common issue), try the backwards hanger method for clothes. This method involves turning hangars backward after you wear an item, and at the end of one year you are able to see which clothes you wear, and which items are simply taking up space in your closet.
  • Get inspired! There are plenty of Pinterest boards and helpful websites (ours included) that can spur your organizing and give you ideas–from storage solutions to ways to arrange things.

Check some of our other blogs for lots of little tips like this to help you declutter and stay organized!

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3 Step Decluttering

Keep, Donate, Trash. These are the three categories that you should sort your items into, in order to free yourself of disorder and clutter in your home. Donated items can help someone else who may be looking for that special item or in need. By separating items into 3 categories, you can visualize the objects holding you back from a neat, organized space and see the progress that you are making–which will only serve to motivate you to do more.

It’s alright if one pile is much larger than the others (the keep pile tends to be). As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used an item within the last year, get rid of it. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as an outfit for special occasions like a wedding or funeral, but in general it really helps reduce unnecessary clutter.

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Designate Space

Every item in your home should have a designated space, so you never have trouble finding it and your home stays organized. When something is out of place, send it back to its “home”. This technique helps prevent lost items and chaotic spaces. It also ensures that other people in your home can find things and help keep the space tidy. Whether a forgetful spouse or a learning child, having a designated space for each object helps find things and keep them in regular use.

Many times, clutter accumulates and turns into disorder because objects are misplaced and duplicates are purchased. Most people are guilty of losing something and buying another item to replace it, then finding the original weeks or even months later. To reduce waste, save money, and keep your space organized, invest in a designated space for every item in your home.

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Group Things Together

This may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how often things are scattered around a house, out of place and unused. From keeping all of your spices together in one drawer in the kitchen or pantry to keeping all of your workout equipment together in the same closet, grouping helps designate a space where certain categories of things should go. This tactic is especially helpful for finding lost items and deciding where a new purchase should be placed.

Grouping items is an easy method to help you get started organizing with minimal effort. It may only take a 30-minute session to group like items in one room of your home, but by the end of a week or month, those small sessions will make a big difference.

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Get Organizers

While they may look great, there is no need to invest in complicated storage systems to get your home in order. Something as simple as DIY shelving, simple storage bins, or even old milk crates or kids play tubs can make a world of difference for organizing your space. By creating a near space for wayward items, you can ensure that messes won’t pile up and everything is neatly stowed away.

A few storage bins can turn dozens of items scattered around a bathroom or shoved under the bathroom sink into neatly organized bottles and toiletries–which are much easier to find and use. Similarly, clothes organizers, shelves, and racks can help turn the clothes recklessly scattered around your bedroom floor into a neat system that makes your daily routine much easier.

Hire Some Help

Hire a professional organizer or organizing service. In the case of larger homes or serious disorder, it can be difficult to organizer by yourself. If you have trouble getting organized, a professional can help guide you through the process and may be able to create systems that make staying organized easier for you.

Having someone there to guide you through steps of organizing can also provide you will the initiative needed to get started. A professional organizer also offer peace of mind, whether you are reorganizing your present space or downsizing, since they have experience organizing many different spaces and you can rest assured in the knowledge that your home will look great after they are through with it.

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